Happy Halloween from Strawberry Shortcake and Pretty Kitty

Happy Halloween Friends!
This year, Miss AuBrynne decided to be Strawberry Shortcake for Halloween.
I naively figured it would be an easy task to whip that costume together.
But can I tell you how hard it was to find pink with darker pink polka-dot fabric??
Every fabric store I looked in, the people looked at me like I had two heads!!
But, not finding the right fabric has never stopped me...
So, I went to my favorite Heat Transfer vendor, Specialty-Graphics.com and picked up some Metallic Heat Transfer.
And then I made my own fabric!
It turned out fantastic!

I also picked up these perfectly matched pink hotfix crystals to add to the argyle part of the dress-top.

Then I added a rolled hem on my serger with a bulky metallic decorative thread in the upper looper for a nice effect!

Do you know how hard it is to find Electric Pink Mary-Janes?
So, I took the same Metallic Heat Transfer and applied it to her shoes.
It worked PERFECTLY!

The hat was done in the reverse of the skirt so that it would "Pop!"

And I am going as a Pretty Kitty this Halloween.
I used black gel liner in strategic spots, pink blush, pink eye shadow on my new nose and matching pink bottom lip and a little contouring and highlights in just the right spots completes the makeup.
Some ears on a stretchy invisible headband, a tail and Voila!
Pretty Kitty.

And we took a spooky Halloween Photo all together in front of the Halloween Vignette!
It was a very fun party!
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  1. AWESOME!!!! Love both costumes. You did such a great job. Your face makeup is awesome and I would have never thought to put the vinyl on her shoes! GENIUS! Happy Halloween!


  2. Gosh! You are a clever girl rustling up those amazing costumes. Did the rest of the family think they looked scarey enough already, to have their photo taken for Halloween?

  3. Ok...A's costume is nothing short of fantastic!! I love the pink metallic on the rolled hem and on her shoes. And her hat does 'pop' for sure. Now on to you, you look amazing with your make-up. I know you enjoy doing it and you truly do a magnificent job. You just need to work on a stage somewhere...making the costumes and doing the make-up!! Miss you!

  4. Happy Halloween! Featured your CUTE costume at our Halloween round up today :)

    Thanks for linking up!

  5. Your costume rocks Allie! Lovin the makeup! 'Purrrr'fect! (Sorry, I couldn't resist!)


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