Boo Babies

You all remember when Laura over at Just For Love
posted her cute Butternut Squash Ghosts?

Well, I just thought they were ADORABLE!

And that week, I picked up a few Butternut Squash on my next grocery trip.
And my family thought I was out of my mind!

Long story short:
Butternut Squash is actually part of the NUT family,
NOT the squash family,
And, YES,  I had a terrifying experience.

But those ghost's were SO cute!

So, I painted up my Butternut Squashes with some white acrylic paint...
Then I layered on some Extreme Glitter Paint in Hologram...
(Have I mentioned that this stuff might be on my Top 10 Crafter's Necessity list??)
Then I cut up some spooky vinyl eyes with my faithful Cricut... 
(I fall more in love with my Cricut every time I use it)
And then the "B-O-O" with the Cricut and
B-O-O Babies

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  1. Spooky and cute! Spoocute!
    Great use of the cricut and I'll have to try that paint sometime!

  2. So so cute!!! I love the glitter and the ribbon! Adorable idea!

  3. They came out great. I love the glitter, makes them that much more fun. I might have to be buying some of that..LOL!

  4. How fun. I love the glitter.

    This week is my blog anniversary and I'm hosting a week's worth of great giveaways. Feel free to stop by if you'd like!

  5. OMGoersh! These are too stinkin cute!!! I can't take it! I would have never thought...
    Where do I pick up some of that extreme glitter hologram paint??? It is serious! Nice work.

  6. Oh my goodness, those peg the 'cuteness' meter.

    Where can you find the glitter paint that you mention?

  7. I love this idea! Thanks for linking up!

  8. I found your blog via Kara's Linking party...what a great idea for "Boo Babies"!!! Love it!

  9. I haven't seen these yet. They are absolutely perfect in that spot. You're right about the paint ;).

  10. These are cute. I have a couple squash in the kitchen, Maybe I'll draw on them!

  11. Sooooo boootiful. Sorry I couldn't help it.lol I love that Halogram paint. wow!! I recently got a cricut but I haven't tried vinyl yet. I'll have to buy some at Michaels and try it out.

    Thanks for sharing!!


  12. Cute idea! I really love their faces!

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  13. Those are adorable!! I love the irredescent glitter:)
    BTW, I'd love for you to stop by our blog this week and check out our HUGE giveaway to celebrate 6 months of blogging:)

  14. FABULOUS! I love these and am definetly adding to next year's list!

  15. OMG!! After Halloween you can paint them brown & put feathers on the back for turkeys...then for christmas make them reindeer!!! Just have to find something similar to that frame to make the reindeer antlers out of !!!
    A new follower complements of a Blog hop! Well, I know where I am going to be spending some time! Would love to see you on the other side of the blog-o-verse:

  16. Adorable! I love how they sparkle & the faces are too cute.

  17. Cute! I love that it's all sparkley too! Very cute. Thanks for linking up to Topsy Turvy Tuesday's!

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  19. Wow, these are really cute! I love the facial expressions you gave them, so creative!

  20. Darn, you are clever. This is so fun! I need to try that paint.


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