Making It With Allie - Paper Candy!

Yay! It's party time again!
I know that's what you were waiting for!
Here is my submission to the party:

Remember when you were little and you liked Paper Candy Buttons?
Peeling off little buttons of candy and chewing it and ending up with paper wads in your mouth?
Were we nuts or what? Anything for sugar...

Well, I felt I could not deprive little AuBrynne of the joys of Paper Candy Buttons...
So, I made some.
I made them in the Halloween themed colors of
Black, Orange, Purple and Green
If you could make them sparkly, you know I would have...

They were very easy.
Whip up 2 egg whites in your stand mixer until they are fluffy and white.
Then mix in 2 and a half to 3 cups of powdered sugar.
Divide it into different bowls to stiri in your colors.
Put it into piping bags with a #3 tip.
Pipe out your buttons onto strips of paper.
The more sugar you add, the shorter the drying time.
I used 3 cups and they were 70% dry within 20 minutes.
90 minutes later and they were ready to be packaged.

Easy Peasy!

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  1. Hello I'm a new follower from the thrilling thurs. linky. Would love to have you follow me back

  2. Stopping by from Fabric
    Fun Thursday. I'm a sucker for nostalgia candies and you Halloween take on the classic, and your excellent tutorial did not disappoint! Your newest follower, Jenn

  3. What a happy coincidence! My post is about meringues and here you have a cute meringue post as well!

  4. Those look so fun - will have to try them!

  5. How cute are those?!?! My kids would LOVE all those candy buttons!

  6. Ummmm can you say yummy! I would totally be in trouble if I made these...I would eat them all!!! Thank's for sharing and hosting the party!

  7. Those are great!!! Ya know I am making something like that for my sister but it's for her costume! She is going to be Katy Perry from the California Gurls vid! AND I am making my daughters princess costume! I don't have a sewing machine and I have only made one tutu before in my WHOLE life! I am so excited and nervous!!! I can't wait to show them off! I think the princess costume is coming out great!! I totally STOLE your idea and posted sneak peek pics of Alie's costume on my facebook page!!! Hope you don't mind! :)

  8. Thanks for letting me know about your party! I added you to my linky party directory page. Oh, and when I added your button, the link wasn't working... I changed the first section of "http://..." to your URL instead of the button pic's address and it works fine now! Just thought you might want to know so you can change it if you need to (or just ignore me if I'm crazy :)).

  9. Just thought I'd let you know, you CAN make them sparkly, AND edible! There's this awesome stuff called luster dust, we used it in pastry class. It's similar to a powder eye shadow, you apply it with a paintbrush, and it makes it all shimmery looking. You can usually find it at cake decorating stores. Normally it's used on fondant, but we used it on chocolate.

  10. Must.. have.. viking cat costume.

  11. Really....making candy?? You are too much girl. You have brought me way back with that one....I don't think I have seen those in years. No wonder you have no time...between sewing, decorating and candy-making, who has time to sleep??

  12. Just wante dto let you know I featured your yummy button Candy on my blog today. Come check it out and grab a button.

    Thanks ~ Taylor

  13. Love this idea!! So simple and cute!

  14. I love this idea!!! Thanks for sharing. I am going to link you to my blog. Thanks

  15. LOVE the candy idea! My two girls would love them! I'm a new follower and participated in your linky party!

  16. I LOVED those when I was a kid! Thanks for linking them up to my Thrilling Thursday Linky Party @ Paisley Passions :) I have also added your party to my Linky Library on my blog. Have a great weekend!

  17. Love these Allie!! Didn't know you could make them. Going to make for Halloween party. Thanks for the awesome idea..new follower. Denise

  18. What a fun idea! I'll be featuring this on my blog on Saturday!


    Thanks for linking up!

    Sumo :)

  19. Never would've thought to make them myself! Clever!

    Love that they're in Halloween colors!


  20. How fun! I love the colors! Thanks for linking up to Tuesday Tell All

  21. oh my gosh, how fun! my boyfriend loves these paper candies, i had no idea how to make them on my own.


  22. These look beautiful. What a great idea to make them yourself!

  23. New follower-and I love this idea!!! I am so "borrowing" it and gonna do them my self-so cute!!!

    If you would like I have a $35 CSN giveaway-your welcome to stop by and join in the fun:)

  24. we used to attempt to make these ask kids. We used those lemonade packets and a little bit of water. Can I just say they were Bit your cheeks sweet/sour. WAY too strong. I'll show these to my sisters. See if they remember! Thanks for the stroll down memory lane and thanks for linking up to Topsy Turvy Tuesday's.

  25. These are too cute. I have an idea to use them for something - do you think you could add flavoring? Like the oils you buy to flavor other hard candy? And what kind of paper did you use? Just regular or waxed. Love your blog and adding it to my list of rounds.

  26. Thanks so much for this great idea! I made my own and featured it as a Christmas present. I would love for you to check it out: http://spartasavings.blogspot.com/2010/11/saving-christmas-week-5.html. I did link back to you!


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