Sinus Infection

The little bug has developed a raging sinus infection.
We had actually started wondering if she could hear anymore and why she was so cranky....
If only I could see the future we would have opted for pre-emptive antibiotics two weeks ago.
Probably not. Don't want ineffective antibiotics out there....
Anyways, within an hour of the first dose, AuBrynne's nose-faucet had been turned off.
For the first time in two weeks!
Now we just need for that cough to take a hike! 
At any rate, We are going to take a moment and hit the pause button on the sewing for a quick minute.  If I'm lucky, I might get what I planned, up later on today. 
But, it looks like broiled grapefruits will be put to the top of the grocery list in the morning.
See you all extremely soon!
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  1. I hope AuBrynne is feeling better soon :) It stinks when they are sick....well, it stinks for both of you..LOL! What does broiled grapefruit do? I have never heard of that remedy. My girlfriends swear by honey for the cough. They literally take a spoonful and let their kid eat it just like that. You might want to try it if AuBrynne is not picky about what she puts in her mouth.


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