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OK. So, I know this will be a surprise to some of you. But not to others. I love NBC's Friday Night Lights. L. O.V. E. It! Seriously, if the phone rings between 7 and 8pm on Friday, I'm annoyed. And if it's my cell phone going off... Anyways, I love it so much I watch each episode a few times each week after it airs. I love each and every character. OK, I don't love each character, but I love how well it's written and how they all interact.

I LOVE Tami Taylor, played by the magnificent Connie Britton. She is absolutely phenomenal in this role! I strive to be this strong woman.
I LOVE Coach Taylor, played by the ever handsome and charming Kyle Chandler. Again, phenomenal! Seriously. These actors are amazing! This would be the husband I would chose in that fantasy world. Especially if I were Tammy Taylor, ha ha.
I Love others but this blog is about Making. And with that thought... I love those campy t-shirts you find in the younger set's clothing stores... Sometimes they are sassy. Sometimes crass (I don't like those). Sometimes just plain funny. I love the "collegiate" ones. They look like worn high school football shirts. In fact, I have been known to "borrow" a t-shirt from my little brother... Because they are cuter on me...
Anyways, I have been toying with the idea of making my own t-shirts that would be flattering for the female group. Then I did a quick FNL search for colors and what-not. And I came upon this site from NBC. And look what I found there:

But the question is: Do you get your ever loved Panther Football shirt, Or go for an East Dillon shirt?
Where does your allegiance lie? With the hardworking handsome Coach Taylor at East Dillon, or with the hardworking fabulous Principal Taylor at Dillon (West)?
I'm leaning towards making a Panther top because I can see those awful men at Dillon (West) failing miserably.

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