A Gorgeous

At our house, we have lovely curls like this:

Sometimes we look like this:

Sometimes, more often than I would like to admit, we look like this:

But usually, we look like this (if we are lucky):

I love her curls.  They are cute, springy and bouncy.  Unlike my curls... but that is something we will not go into today... My uncle, hopefully, loving calls her "Little Orphan Annie".  In public, her "loyal subjects" call the little princess "Shirley Temple". Last time we were in Hawaii, she would grab her hair and say, "Mine!" when the locals would comment and ogle at her hair. It was very funny.
Well, recently, AuBrynne has taken a liking to an episode of Max & Ruby that incorporates a beauty salon.  Well, she first gave herself bangs.  Luckily, she actually did better than any of us who try to do our own bangs at home.  Then she started asking for a "shampoo and a set".  Then she was bringing me my hair dryer and asking for "Gorgeous".  You see, previously, she would get very upset with anybody using a hair dryer. She would avoid it by thirteen feet.  So, when she pulled it out of the drawer, I was perplexed.
Well, when I would finish blowing out her hair and she looked like this:

She would exclaim: Oh, MOM! It's GORGEOUS!

So, I dropped by our local "hair store" today and searched till I found an Ariel colored weft of clearanced priced hair.  A few stitches while she sat patiently waiting to burst with excitement and telling us I was making her "A Gorgeous", and she was wearing this:

If I had thought a little further, I would have had the video camera ready.  Her reaction was Priceless!  She ran to the mirror and you would think she was going to faint from her excitement.  It was hysterical.  Then she ran to another mirror with better light and sure enough; IT'S GORGEOUS! 

So, then she had to run and get my hairbrush...

And then she began: "Appunzle, Appunzle. Let down your beautiful long hair..."

So, more for the dress up bin.


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