Momma's Shirt Refashioned to Baby's Dress

AuBrynne loves to wear my shirts.  I have mentioned this before.  If given the chance, she will take one of my shirts and wear it and FIGHT me to get it off to wash it.  So, I like to make her dresses out of my shirts that I have retired. 
This is one of those t-shirt refashions. This is the original:

It was barely long enough to hit the very top of my not-so-mom jeans.  So, it had to go... to the baby.  I think it was a good refashion.  She loves to wear this one.  It was done by adding elastic thread to the bobbin of my sewing machine.  Then steaming it with the iron.  The outcome is a very soft and toddler approved wearable dress.


  1. This is so cute on her. What a cutie!

  2. This is awesome! I love it. So cute. Wish I could sew.

    You should link this up next Monday. So not something I could do and something my readers would love.


  3. Such a great idea! And what a cutie she is!

  4. Adorrable and your daughter is gorgeous!


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