Functional Aggression

You know when you have those moments that you just need to get some aggression out? Because something or somebody has gotten to you? You just want to vent, but that's even not constructive. Not effective?  You know, not really something you want to admit upsets you, but it does.  And all you need is a Productive Functional release??  I have a friend that chuckles at me because he knows when something like that has gotten to me, because I'm cleaning. And not that I don't clean, but that it will have been 12 hours since something was cleaned...  And he knows also because of how it's said: "Cleaning(!-but not)" Not yelling, but the exclamation is implied.
Some people clean, some people hit golf balls, or tennis balls or go shopping or shut the door and flip quickly through the channels on the tv. I either clean or create. Luckily I can reign in any of the negativity and create pleasant things.  Mostly because creating, for me, actually can change my mood.  It's like I can change my minds' focus and let go.  Anyway, I call it Functional Aggression. I don't know that it is completely normal, but it is the way it is.
Here is an example of some recent Functional Aggression.  Most of my products aren't so deconstructive, but this one is and probably expresses how I feel right now fairly well- a little raw and deconstructed from the outside - Thank you world population... It is a little P!nk inspired, but that can be good.
I first saw this technique forever ago in Oahu.  It works out really neat on very artistic t-shirts with dragons and/or floral.  I thought I would try it out on this test t-shirt I had made for myself. 

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  1. Wow...this is actually really cute! I am loving all your great projects!


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