A Blog Button!

I have been working on the site a bit.  I have a new banner-heading.  And FYI:  I will be tweeking it, and if it comes up funny, its because I am playing around with it. So, don't mind me...
I have been working on making a site blog button for a while.  See that new edition over in the right side-bar?
Yep! That's a new button.
I was challenged to make it all on my own...
I learned a lot about Corel Draw and PhotoShop and programming and yea... Well, what I have, for now, is below.  Don't know if it will change, but it will likely evolve as I learn more.  Please feel free to grab the button and place it on your blog!

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  1. Posting it on my blog now :)
    I learned the same way, trial and error baby!


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