When living in the Chicago area, there are distinguishing choices one will make.
City or suburbs...
Deep dish pizza or the other...
What to put on your hot-dog...
And which baseball team. Chicago Cubs or the Whitesocks.
It is actually quite interesting how this one choice distinguishes and "separates" you as a north-sider or southie -even when you live in the suburbs.
Well, in our family, we are big Cubs fans!
We prefer to sit at Wrigley field and watch a good old fashioned game with the ivy.

So, when Ashley and the little brother Jason said they wanted to make shirts to go to the game,
 I was tickled.  Little brother wants to craft?! Yay!
And guess what? He did the work for his and his girlfriends shirt! Go JJ!

First he cut out the shapes in the Heat 'n Bond (we could not live without this stuff at our house),
 then ironed them onto the fabric swatches.
Then cut out the shapes around the Heat 'n bond.  Then ironed them all onto the shirts.

Then, to give the shirts a little "pop" I stitched with white thread around the edges.
These two shirts took all of a half hour to make, and a fraction of the cost of shirts purchased.
And I think they are darn cute, too!


  1. Dang those kids are cute! And GO CUBS !!!

  2. Wow...getting the brother to craft...you are good. They came out great. And what a cute couple they make :)

  3. Very cute!! Thanks for linking @Creative Itch's "Sew Cute Tuesday"!


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