Where in the world...

So, my bestie and her girls and AuBrynne and myself loaded ourselves up into the car and headed west!

 It was an interesting trip! 

We crossed the Mississippi River and entered what seemed like an alternate reality.  The sky was a completely green color and the winds were so high that the trees were side-wase!  The winds hit us like a brick wall and nearly knocked us off the road.  So, we quickly pulled into a rest-stop to wait it out.  Luckilly that only took about 20 minutes.
Apparently this same storm wreaked havoc on our neighborhood and even knocked out power and windows in the Sears Tower, in downtown Chicago!
We decide that we would try to make the trip seem as short for the kids as we possibly could, by driving through the night; alternating sleeping and driving between the two of us.  My recommendation on this: Unless you have a Reba McIntyre sized bus with seperate beds, opt for the hotel.  They were troopers about it! And in the morning, they actually had smiles!

Little Lainey slept longer in the morning, she was still pretty tuckered out from the ride. 
But, we made it safely to Logan, UT by 10am.  Considering we left Chicago at 11am yesterday and had to take more potty stops than we planned on, I think we did REALLY well!
After a nice nap, we decided to take a stroll through SummerFest.  My-Oh-My! It has gotten very large!
There were artisans from all over the country! We saw some really neat things!  I took a few photos, but this fun lady's glass beads caught my eye and I wanted to share this fun photo.

This fun lady's name is Bonny Waters, and she makes her own glass beads and pendants!  They are so beautiful!  And in the sunlight, they glistened!
You should check out her sight http://www.beadsbybonny.com/
You can see lots of her fun beads andeven leave her a message!

For the next couple of weeks, I will be trying to keep up the crafty posts with all the fun crafty things we make while we are here in Logan. 
Plus a few things I have prepared recently to share with you all loyal readers! 
So, bear with me as I may be off schedule in posting. 

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  1. Glad to hear that everyone arrived safely. Hope you are having a great time :)


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