A Trendy Award

So, there is this excellent blogger, Jennifer.  She has this site called Circle of Love -and all the craziness around it. I like to visit her site because she speaks the truth!

Check out her blog by clicking on this button here:  Circle of Love...and all the craziness around it...

We chat here and there and she left me some kind words yesterday informing me that she was passing on a Trendy Blog Award from Trendy Treehouse.


I am so very flattered!  Somebody is calling me Trendy! And not other odd things...
Anyway.  To pass this award on I am going to pass it to these fine bloggers, in no particular order:

So, go have a look at these other great bloggers! Leave them a kind note!

And Thank You, Jennifer for the Award!


  1. Really? Oh my goodness. Thank you so much! I totally intend on posting about this...but the rest of my weekend is really crazy. Will you just know that I'm completely flattered....and so surprised! And I'll come back to snoop around your blog later this weekend. Thanks again!!


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