Refreshening things

So, in Cindy's back yard, she has had these two chairs that had gotten to the point that you could not even sit in them because they would leave nice chalky stripes on your clothes.  And there was this wrought iron tables and chairs set that the center areas were starting to get a little worn and even show signs of rusting.  How, in this dry Logan air, this is possible -makes no sense to me... But anyway, we grabbed some "sticks to plastic" spray paint and gave the chairs a couple of coats of paint and the tables a quick spray. 

They went from this:

With one coat:

And finally finished:
Now you can sit in them again.  Yay!

We also did the arms of the chairs for this set:

We didn't do the arms of the chairs on this set and after looking at the whole thing together,
they really look like they could use the same freshening up.
But since it is so easy, no big deal, right?

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